08 Nov-2014

Vertical Blinds UK

There are many different types of blinds available for you to choose in your home. we know that a blind can be the centre part of a room and give the room a real finished look.

Out of all blinds available vertical blinds have by far improved the most. They used to be associated with offices and hospitals however the styles that are now available have grown enormously. Vertical blinds have now been made to fit every room with patterns, blackout, easy wipe, dim out and sheer materials available they will look perfect in every room of your home.
Vertical Blinds UK
Vertical Blinds Patterns
There are so many patterned vertical blinds available now you will be spoilt for choice. Bold statement blinds that will brighten up any room would be great if you would like to give your room a makeover with out spending too much or doing too much work. We here at Bliindz.com understand that we have to move with the current trends and in this years books we have seen a great increase in shabby chic type verticals and pastel colours to fit in with your modern home.
Blackout Vertical Blinds
We are also seeing an increase in the blackout blinds available. Many people will choose to have blackout conservatories and bedrooms. Blackouts have a lining on the back of the slats that will also help to keep the heat in and the cold out helping to reduce energy bills.
Easy Wipe Material
A great material for kitchens, bathrooms, and wet rooms. Easy wipe material will not mark and works great in moisture prone environments. We know that you will be surprised at the choice that is now available so if you do need an easy wipe vertical blind you will not have to sacrifice on style and colour as there are many available that will look great in your home.

There is no need to worry that buying blinds is a complicated process either. Our fitter will come to your home to measure up and show you samples of what is available for you to choose. The hard bit is for you to choose from the many materials available! Once you have chosen he will bring the order back to our factory based near Norwich UK for processing. Your order will be made here and all slats will already be weighed and chained for the fitter to assemble the blinds as soon as he gets to your home he will be able to put them up and finish the job off for you.

Take a look at our huge range of vertical blinds and either order online or call us to arrange a free consultation from one of our friendly fitters.